2021 was the second coldest year in 10 years

With an average temperature of eight degrees Celsius, 2021 was the second coldest year in the Czech Republic in the last ten years. Only 2013 was colder, with an average of 0.1 degrees lower.

Last year’s rainfall was average, with 99 percent of the long-term normal falling, with 678 liters of water per square meter. This is according to data published on Thursday by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ).

Last year’s average air temperature of eight degrees Celsius was 0.1 degrees higher than normal, which meteorologists calculate from data from 1981 to 2010. “This is the first temperature-normal year since 2013,” said meteorologists Klára Sedláková and Lenka Crhová.

The year 2021 was colder especially compared to the previous three years. In 2020, the average air temperature in the Czech Republic reached 9.1 degrees. A year earlier, it was 9.5 degrees. In 2018, it climbed to 9.6 degrees Celsius.

The spring months were freezing last year. Last April was 2.5 degrees colder than the average value for this month. In May, the deviation from normal was minus 2.4 degrees Celsius.

This was followed by a hot June, which was, on average, three degrees warmer than normal. The sixth calendar month of last year was the third-warmest June since 1961 when meteorologists began calculating monthly averages.

It rained a lot in May and June

Six hundred seventy-eight millimeters of rain fell over the year. May and August were stormy, with 143 and 133 percent of the average rainfall, respectively. On the other hand, September was exceptionally dry, with only two-fifths of the average rainfall, making it the fourth driest September since 1961, the CZMÚ said.