5 Reasons to Choose Montenegro over Croatia for Your Next Vacation

As summer approaches, many vacationers seek a new destination to explore. If you are a long-time fan of Croatia but are concerned about rising prices, consider nearby Montenegro as a great alternative. Here are five reasons why.

1. Less Crowded

While Croatia is a popular destination, with over 15 million visitors in 2019, Montenegro is relatively unknown and much less crowded. You can enjoy the same Adriatic beaches, with both pebbly and sandy options, without the crowds of Croatia. Especially if you travel outside the peak season, you can find smaller, more remote beaches and avoid the crowds altogether.

2. Easy to Reach by Plane

If you are used to driving to Croatia, you’ll be happy to know that Montenegro is not much further away. For example, You can fly to Montenegro with the Čedok travel agency. The flight to Tivat takes only an hour and a half, saving you a whole day of travel.

3. Affordable

If you are worried about rising prices in Croatia, you will find Montenegro relatively cheap. Even on the main beach promenade in Budva, you will find bars and restaurants with friendly prices comparable to those in the Czech Republic. For example, cocktails such as mojitos or tequila sunrises cost around seven euros or 160 crowns, and shots cost an average of three euros or about 70 crowns. Fried calamari can be purchased for up to 13 euros or about 300 crowns.

4. Welcoming Attitude

Montenegro and the Czech Republic have a historical bond, and the Czechs are among Montenegro’s most popular Slavic nations. The locals are generally excellent, friendly, helpful, and hospitable. You can learn more about Montenegro’s history and culture through various tours and activities and feel right at home.

5. Beautiful Mountainous Inland

Montenegro is incredibly green compared to the Croatian coast, with trees, groves, and forests everywhere. Mountains rise behind the resorts, and about 90 percent of the country has a mountainous character. When you get tired of lounging on the beach, you can take a trip to the inland areas, where there are five national parks to explore. Among them, Durmitor National Park is worth a visit, which with its character, may remind you of the Slovenian Julian Alps or the High Tatras.

If you are looking for a similar destination to Croatia but with fewer crowds, welcoming locals, and affordable prices, Montenegro is the perfect choice.