Fresh Lidl: Chicken from Ukraine in the Czech Republic

In a shocking revelation, it was discovered that “fresh” chicken sold at Lidl in the Czech Republic originates from Ukraine. The chicken is transported to Slovakia, where it is packaged before being sold as fresh meat in the Czech Republic. The actual length of the journey from Ukraine to the Czech Republic is unknown.

Initially, the chicken was sold as if it originated from Slovakia, but a closer look at the label revealed that it was actually from Ukraine. EU Poultry, the brand behind the chicken, is owned and operated by WE Trade from Slovakia. However, the chickens are sourced from Ukraine, as stated in the FAQ section of the EU Poultry website.

Despite social media outcry, the producers have refused to disclose that the chicken is from Ukraine. The price of the chicken is significantly lower than locally sourced chicken, making it a popular choice for budget-conscious consumers. However, it has been warned by the Agrarian Chamber of the Czech Republic and the Czech-Moravian Poultry Union that food standards in Ukraine are not up to par with EU standards.

Recently, the State Veterinary Administration (SVS) has reported that 3.5 tons of problematic chicken originating from Ukraine have been discovered in the Czech Republic. The SVS has begun to inspect imported poultry meat more rigorously and found salmonella in some of the chicken.

The discovery of chicken from Ukraine in the Czech Republic has led to a debate on food standards and the quality of imported meat. Consumers are encouraged to read the labels carefully before purchasing meat products and to support local producers whenever possible.