A 5G signal is already in the entire Prague metro

Sergio Perez

Mobile operators have completed 5G mobile signal coverage in the Prague metro. They were the last to put the technology into operation in the section between Dejvická and Nemocnice Motol stations on the A-line.

Complete coverage of the slower LTE signal throughout the metro has been in place since last year. Work on the range began in 2015.

CETIN provided the stations’ coverage in cooperation with all three mobile operators and the Prague Transport Company (DPP). Fast mobile internet is now available not only at Jiřího z Poděbrad station, where DPP is building lifts and will renovate the entire station in the coming years. The LTE and 5G signals will reach it after completing the construction work.

In 2018, DPP’s Supervisory Board approved a 20-year contract with a consortium of operators, with the operators paying DPP CZK 120 million for the first ten years. According to the operators, in December, the cost of the metro coverage was more than half a billion crowns. The planned new D line is expected to be covered by the signal during construction.