Mandatory respirators in public transport will end from Easter, Válek hints

Jan Handrejch

According to Health Minister Vlastimil Válek (TOP 09), the wearing of respirators in public transport will most likely not be compulsory from Easter. However, they will remain mandatory in health care facilities and social services.

“It is supposed to get warmer after the weekend. When I have the data for Monday and Tuesday, I see no reason for respirators to continue to be mandatory in public transport,” the minister told reporters.

Experts say respiratory infections are generally linked to the weather, with viruses being transmitted more from autumn to spring. It is also because people spend more time indoors.

Nowadays, covering the respiratory tract continues to be compulsory on public transport such as trains, buses, planes, and public transportation.

Respirators must also be worn in residential care facilities and health care facilities. In addition to hospitals, surgeries, and waiting rooms, pharmacies also require respirators.