A cold front will bring temperatures down over the weekend

Due to the cold front crossing our area on Friday, we will see a drop in temperatures over the weekend and, especially on Saturday, showers in some places. It will warm up slightly early next week, with afternoon highs reaching 14 °C, said meteorologist Dagmar Honsová.

“We can look forward to sunny weather on Thursday, thanks to an area of high air pressure that will move further into eastern Europe. It will be clear to partly cloudy after the morning fogs and low clouds dissipate,” Honsová said, adding that the length of sunshine will be close to 8 hours. Clouds will increase from the west into the evening. The maximum daytime temperatures are expected to be between 13 and 17 °C.

On Friday, a cold front will pass through our area. It will be mostly cloudy, with rain or showers in most of the area. Temperatures will drop to between 10 and 6 °C in the morning before reaching between 11 and 15 °C during the day.

The cloudy weather will continue on Saturday, with overcast skies and showers in some places. Morning temperatures will be between 8 and 4 °C, rising to 8 to 12 °C in the afternoon.

On Sunday, clouds should prevail, but partly cloudy skies are expected during the day. Showers should be isolated, as should morning fog. Temperatures will drop to 7 to 3 °C in the morning and 1 °C on clearing. Daytime highs will rise to between 9 and 13 °C.

Monday through Wednesday should be very similar. The forecast calls for cloudy to partly cloudy skies with isolated showers. Morning lows on all three days will fall to 6 to 2 °C, with daytime temperatures reaching 9 to 13 °C on Monday and 10 to 14 °C on Tuesday and Wednesday.