A Drugged Man Murdered a Woman in Libochovice for Money, He is Facing 20 Years of Prison

Police accused a 33-year-old man of murder in Libochovice in the Litoměřice region. The individual who was hooked to narcotics was motivated by a desire to acquire property.

“The man was also accused of theft, violation of house liberty and unauthorized action, counterfeiting and alteration of the means of payment,” said police spokesman Daniel Vítek, adding that a motion to take him into custody would be filed.

Since Wednesday morning, police have been looking into this violent crime. After being alerted by a concerned neighbor, authorities conducted a search of the family’s house. 

“Unfortunately, her fears were confirmed, the police found the body of an elderly woman in the house, who, according to the pathologist, died as a result of an attack by a stranger,” Vítek said.