Rainy Weather Continues, but We Will Enjoy Some Sunshine This Weekend

The start of the holiday season brings calmer weather. We can expect showers on Friday, with occasional thunderstorms. The highest temperatures will be around 20 °C, with warmer temperatures in Moravia and Silesia. There will be fewer showers over the weekend, and the sun will shine a little more often. Afternoon temperatures will also be higher, between 21 and 26 °C.

Friday will be mostly cloudy in Bohemia, with occasional rain or showers in most areas, with precipitation tapering off towards the evening. In Moravia and Silesia, it will be cloudy, with showers, occasional thunderstorms, and clouds. Daytime high temperatures will reach 17-21 °C in Moravia and Silesia, up to 24 °C in places, and around 13 °C in the mountains at 1,000 meters. The wind will be light.

A weak spur of higher air pressure will spread into central Europe from the southwest. The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute expects mostly cloudy and isolated clouds on Saturday night, with occasional showers in the northeast. In the morning, fog may occur sporadically. The lowest night temperatures will drop to 15 to 11 °C, and in the southwest, to 9 °C. Winds will be light westerly to northwesterly at 1 to 4 m/s.

On the weekend, there will be less rain and more sunshine.

Meteorologists expect partly cloudy to cloudy skies during the day on Saturday, with occasional showers and occasional thunderstorms in the northeast. High temperatures will reach 21 to 25 °C. Winds will be moderate from the north-west to the north at 2 to 6 m/s, with light winds in the west.

On Sunday, it should be partly cloudy to cloudy. Showers or thunderstorms may occur sporadically during the day. Overnight lows will drop to 14 to 10 °C. Daytime highs will range from 23 to 27 °C. Winds will be light and variable at 1 to 4 m/s.