A drunken man attacked his grandmother, a helicopter picked her up

A drunken twenty-nine-year-old man brutally attacked his grandmother and another woman on Sunday morning in the Klatovy region. Both women sustained injuries and ended up in the hospital, while a helicopter had to be flown in to pick up the older woman.

The attack took place in a small village near Horažďovice. Paramedics and police officers immediately rushed to the family home.

“The eighty-one-year-old woman suffered multiple injuries to her chest, abdomen, and head. The helicopter transported her to the Pilsen University Hospital, “said Mária Svobodová, spokeswoman for the regional ambulance service.

The second patient, the daughter of a senior citizen, was taken by ambulance to surgery in Strakonice with head and upper limb injuries. According to unofficial information, it was the attacker’s mother, but police would neither confirm nor deny this, first saying it was a 42-year-old woman, later correcting it to a 51-year-old.

Police are still investigating what exactly caused the brutal attack. So far, they have only given the information that the 29-year-old attacker, who was arrested at the scene, was under the influence of alcohol. The man in custody is accused of misdemeanor battery.