A hurricane hit Sněžka

Dana Kysučanová

The highest mountain in the Czech Republic, Sněžka, was hit by a hurricane on Monday morning with a speed of over 141 kilometers per hour.

The hurricane limit is 117.7 km/h. Winds higher than this have been on Sněžka several times in January. Snezka, with a height of 1603 meters, is unparalleled in Central Europe. It has the shape of a triangular needle that rises freely into the atmosphere above the Krkonoše Mountains.

Therefore, despite its low altitude, the climate is arctic and mountainous, often not reflecting the general weather in the rest of the Krkonoše.

The wind was only blowing at 20 km/h at the nearby Luční bouda, which is about 200 meters lower in altitude.

The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) warned of strong winds in most areas. Gusts can reach up to 70 km/h in lower and middle altitudes and up to 110 km/h in the mountains. It should be most robust in the Krkonoše and Jizera Mountains.