The bailiff fined Miloš Zeman 20,000 crowns

Petr Hloušek

Miloš Zeman will have to pay a fine of CZK 20.000 imposed by a bailiff. He has been contacted by the lawyer of Zdeněk Šarapatka, to whom Zeman should apologize for his statement that he should have been fired from the government office for incompetence.

Although the Supreme Court (SC) has postponed the enforcement of the judgment and halted the execution for the time being by granting Zeman’s appeal, the decision to impose the fine was made before that.

“Even before the Supreme Court verdict that protected Citizen Zeman from execution, the bailiff managed to order the first fine. The verdict does not affect it,” Sharapatka said in a Twitter post, which he subsequently deleted. Thus, Sharapatka said Zeman would have to pay the amount into the account of the execution court.

Sharapatka questioned whether Zeman would pay the amount himself or whether it would be paid by the presidential office as well as legal services. In the dispute, the president is a private individual.

The fact that the Supreme Court upheld Zeman’s appeal, Šarapatka said, is proof that the president is “a citizen of a different category.”

Until the Supreme Court’s decision, Zeman does not have to apologize.