A Monument Honoring General Kutlvašr and His Historical Legacy

Vizualizace Penta Real Estate

A monument commemorating the courage and legacy of General Karel Kutlvašr will be established in the compound of the former Nuselský Brewery in Prague 4, a site soon to be a burgeoning urban district. The company behind this development, Penta Real Estate, has announced an art competition to determine the most suitable design for the monument. An expert jury will select the winner by the end of June this year.

General Kutlvašr, a legendary officer of the Czechoslovak Legions in Russia and later the commander of the Prague Uprising, became a victim of the communist regime after February 1948. He was imprisoned until an amnesty in 1960, and during the twilight of his life, he worked as a guard and night doorman at the Nuselský Brewery.

Considered one of the key figures in the Czech history of the 20th century, Kutlvašr significantly contributed to the freedom the country enjoys today. “His name should not be forgotten, just like the hockey players imprisoned by the communist regime, after whom we recently named new streets in Nová Waltrovka,” says David Musil, Deputy CEO of the company.

The competition will be carried out in two phases. Applicants must submit their concepts by April 18th. The jury will then select up to seven works to be further developed into a more detailed proposal. The monument is expected to be unveiled at the central square intersecting the main pedestrian routes in the first quarter of next year.

Investments in art and competitions for new artworks will become a regular part of all future major projects. This initiative seeks to enhance the quality of the buildings and public spaces being constructed while providing opportunities for the best artists from the Czech Republic and abroad.

Once completed, the new area will offer new residential buildings and civic amenities primarily located in the historical brewery buildings.