A newborn was found in a baby box in Teplice

On Tuesday afternoon, a newborn baby girl was found in a baby box in Teplice. She was covered with a blue blanket with cherubs on it. She was named Bohumíra.

The paramedics found out about the baby around 1:15 pm, Ludvík Hess, the founder of the baby box network, said on Tuesday afternoon. He named the girl Bohumíra.

Hess said, “The little girl is completely healthy and is wearing the same clothes as the little girl who was released from the neonatal ward a little while ago.”

Nationwide, 231 babies have been dropped off in these special boxes since their introduction in 2006 and 17 this year. The Teplice hospital has had a baby box since 2009. Baby boxes also have critics who say they contravene the Convention on the Child’s Rights, such as the right to a name, identity, nationality, and the right to know one’s parents.