A police pursuit in Hradec Králové ended in a car crash

Policie ČR

A police pursuit in the Hradec Králové region ended in a car crash when the driver of a Suzuki car tried to escape the police patrol. The man lost control of the vehicle on a curve, which ended up on its side. As it turned out, he had tested positive for Covid-19 a few hours earlier.

A police patrol wanted to check the Suzuki vehicle in the village of Petrovice on Monday, but the driver reacted to signals to stop by stepping on the gas. “He didn’t go far because, after a few hundred meters, he failed to negotiate a left-hand bend and drove into a ditch where the vehicle overturned on its side. Police officers pointed their firearms at seizing the 26-year-old driver,” police spokeswoman Iva Kormošová said on Friday.

The driver was in the vehicle and escaped the accident without any injury. Following the crash, he tested negative on breath and drug tests. “What he had already tested positive for, however, was a test for Covid, which was confirmed by a text message sent to him in the early evening of the same day.” the spokeswoman mentioned.

It was proven that three days before the police pursuit, another patrol caught him driving in the center of Hradec Králové with a positive drug test. The police will send the case to administrative proceedings while the man also presented an expired driver’s license.

“If he is guilty of committing the crime of spreading a contagious disease, it’s the subject of further investigation. If so, he will face a prison sentence of six months to three years, ” Kormošová stated