“I got kicked out of the restaurant.” Tečka has been experiencing outages since the update

On Monday, some people may have experienced the Tečka app not showing their certificate correctly after vaccinations. This is due to a system update related to the fact that it stopped recognizing testing. Smart Quarantine recommends updating the data by clicking on the yellow bar at the bottom.

“Now I’ve been kicked out of a restaurant because Tečka doesn’t work on a day when everyone needs it,” an angry reader, George, wrote. He has been vaccinated with the single-dose Janssen vaccine and has accrued a valid certificate in the past.

The update recommended by Smart Quarantine doesn’t work because he can’t log in through the identity system. It displays an error message referring to ongoing system maintenance.

“You come in, say you have your vaccination, show your mobile, and there’s red. Such an embarrassment, “a reader is angry about now looking like a fraud.

Untested people will no longer see the certificate

The Tečka mobile app has reduced the validity of tests to zero minutes. People who have not been vaccinated against coronavirus or have not had the disease can no longer use the app to show a COVID certificate.

In this regard, the National Agency for Communication and Information Technology (NAKIT) has warned that exceptions to the current government measure, especially apparently for people not vaccinated for health reasons, will only be taken into account by the app in its new version later this week.

Smart Quarantine also said on Twitter that even vaccinated people might, exceptionally, see their COVID certificate in Tečka as invalid for a short time, and the app will then need to update the parameters.

A completed vaccination certificate or a certificate of having had a COVID in the last six months is required to visit service establishments, restaurants, and cultural or sporting events from Monday. A coronavirus test is no longer sufficient.

Exceptions will be loaded later

Contraindications to the COVID-19 vaccination must be entered by a doctor in the Infectious Disease Information System (ISIN), where test or vaccination data is recorded. However, they are not yet entered into Tečka.

For the time being, this configuration of Tečka will not support exceptions to the current measure; these will be available in the new version of Tečka within the week, ” NAKIT said today. The čTečka partner app can be used to retrieve the QR code by those who are required to check COVID certificates.

More than four million people have downloaded the Tečka app on their mobile phones.