A serval is roaming around Prague, police warns

Prague police and officers are looking for a baby serval in Prague 4 that escaped from its owner on Sunday evening. Trapping service workers are also helping.

Police spokesman Jan Daněk said that the owner in Podolí reported the disappearance of the beast on Sunday at around 11 p.m.

“The six-month-old Serval steppe kitten is about 60 centimeters big and hears the name Bejby. According to a trapping service worker, it could be dangerous,” Daněk said.

Details of the serval’s escape were provided by city police, who the owner contacted on Sunday. The officers passed the information on to all patrols and police. The owner also said the serval had gone missing three days ago.

“Since it is a pet animal, the owner is obliged to secure the animal against escaping, failing which he commits an offense. For this reason, the officers have forwarded the notification to the relevant municipal district and will also file a complaint with the municipal veterinary administration,” said spokesperson Irena Seifertová.

The trapping service of the municipal police will be involved in trapping the serval. A police officer asked citizens who saw the beast call 158.