The President goat cheese may contain metal fragments, veterinarians urge

Goat cheeses from France that may contain metal fragments have appeared on the Czech market. The cheeses in question are two Président kinds of cheese. According to veterinarians, the batches may appear on the shelves of large retail chains.

The first cheese, Buche Fondante Président 180 g, made it to the shops with two-thirds of the approximately 6,800 suspect packages. Batches of 228 AD 01320 with an expiry date of 15 October 2022 (1,920 units), 234 AD 01320 with an expiry date of 21 October 2022 (3,840 units), and 241 AD 180 with an expiry date of 28 October 2022 (1,082 units), have gone on sale.

“More than a third of the approximately 6,800 packages of cheese distributed in the Czech Republic have been blocked in the distributor’s warehouse in Říčany near Prague and will be subsequently disposed of,” said SVS spokesman Petr Vorlíček.

According to the veterinarians, the cheese was sold in the Tesco, Albert, Billa, Kaufland, and Košík chains.

The second cheese is a product called Goat cheese with white mold – 200 g roll. According to the SVS, all 100 kilograms were distributed to Lidl stores. “The product is currently being recalled, and the recalled food will be disposed of safely,” Vorlíček said.

Lidl has already informed us about the possibility of returning the product on its website.