A stray kitten in a tunnel stopped the Prague metro

Pavel Jaňurek

Traffic was suspended between the Florenc and Pražského povstání stations on line C of the Prague metro shortly before 11 p.m. on Tuesday. A stray kitten was in the tunnel. The fire brigade of the transport company rushed to the scene, and alternative bus service was introduced in the affected section.

“Intervention of the integrated rescue system-a kitten in the metro tunnel,” said the transport organizer about the emergency.

According to witnesses, the kitten was supposed to be hidden in the track under the platform at Hlavní nádraží station.

In the Florenc – Pražského povstání section, an alternative bus service X-C was gradually deployed. In the sections Háje – Pražského povstání and Florenc – Letňany, metro operation was maintained.

According to the information on the transport organizer’s website, the emergency ended 20 minutes after midnight, approximately at the time of the end of the metro operation. At that time, firefighters left the station, and the supervisor removed the tapes prohibiting entry from the metro station.

Details about the kitten are still missing. Firefighters were trying to capture it. Whether or not they were successful, they did not want to tell.