A van with 540 liters of illegal alcohol stopped in the Jindřichohradec region

Five hundred and forty liters of untaxed alcohol were being transported by a driver in a van near Stráž nad Nežárkou in the Jindřichohradec Region on 12 August. It was mainly wine and spirits. Emanuel Breicha, a spokesman for the South Bohemian customs administration, said on Friday.

“When checking the cargo compartment, customs officers found that the driver was carrying liquids in plastic packaging and glass bottles. The check showed that the driver was carrying a total of 540 liters of alcoholic beverages, specifically spirits, and wine, ” Breicha said.

The driver had not labeled the alcohol and did not have any documents for the load.

Therefore, customs officers confiscated the cargo, and the case will be handled in administrative proceedings. “Only the results of the analysis of the samples taken will show whether the seized alcohol contain dangerous amounts of methanol,” Breicha concluded.