MEPs argued over antibodies

The House of Commons argued for an hour on Friday over whether the Czech Republic should recognize people with antibodies as infection-free after undergoing covid.

“There is no reason why people with antibodies from vaccination should be in any way favored over people who have naturally produced antibodies after suffering an illness. If we do so, we are discriminating against these people, ” said Tereza Hythe from Tricolour.

Czech Health Minister Adam Vojtěch (ANO) excused himself from the meeting for serious family reasons and was replaced in the debate by Environment Minister Richard Brabec (ANO), who interpreted his written opinion.

He reiterated that there is not yet a safe level of antibodies at which it is clear that a person is protected from further infection. With random antibody testing, it is not accurate when the disease took place and how long a person will remain immune.

In the Czech Republic, people who have had covid within the last six months are recognized as infection-free. Vojtěch has discussed the antibodies with experts several times and refuses to recognize them yet, and recently commissioned a new study.