A windstorm destroyed trees and roofs in the Břeclav region

Milan Vojtek

A torrential downpour and especially wind gusts of unprecedented strength caused millions of crowns’ worth of damage. On Monday late afternoon, the wind raged mainly in the Breclav and Znojmo regions. Firefighters dealt with forty-five incidents until 8 p.m. Two-thirds were in the Břeclav region.

The first requests for help came to the operations center after half-past five in the afternoon.

“Forty-five incidents were dealt with by 8 p.m. Forty-one cases involved trees falling on roads, mainly on I-95. Trees were removed from buildings in the Znojmo region in the villages of Křepice and Vedrovice,” said Petr Příkaský, spokesman for the South Moravian firefighters.

Especially in Břeclav, but also in nearby Lanžhot, wind gusts caused considerable damage to roofs.

In most cases, roof tiles were torn off, as in Lanžhota, on several houses in the street. But the wind also damaged the tin roof, a significant part of which remained dangerously tilted downwards.

In Stara Břeclav, at the intersection of Seniorů and Na Pěšině streets, the wind rolled down the tin roof of an apartment building.

The firefighters had to secure the site with a crane from Brno. In other places, power engineers, partly on their own and partly with the assistance of firefighters, dealt with falling trees on power lines.

According to a spokesman for EG.D. Roman Šperňák, the raging weather in southern Moravia and Vysočina resulted in about 3,500 households having their electricity supply cut.

In nine cases, falling trees and other elements also damaged high-voltage power lines.