A young woman from Olomouc wanted to sell her bed, scammer swindled her out of 170,000

A woman (25) from Olomouc wanted to sell a bed for approximately CZK 5,000. She placed an advert on the internet and found a buyer, but the buyer turned out to be a scammer who robbed her of CZK 170,000.

Only when he wanted more money than she suspected she might have been the victim of fraud and went to the police. Police spokeswoman Petra Vaňharová informed Právo about the case.

Early last week, she said, a previously unknown perpetrator responded to an advertisement for the sale of a bed for about CZK 5 000, which the 25-year-old woman had posted on one of the advertising portals.

“The buyer demanded that the goods be sent via a shipping company, stating that he was currently in the US. He promised to pay for the bed immediately by bank transfer but under certain conditions. He asked the advertiser first to pay the alleged customs charges and increase her credit card limits. The trusting woman paid the demanded amount, thereby depriving her account of over CZK 170,000, “the spokeswoman said.

A few days later, she said, the young woman received a message from an unknown phone number telling her that she would have to pay another fee again. “At that moment, she realized that she had become a victim of a fraudster and reported the whole incident to the Olomouc police,” Vaňharová added.

She said police are investigating the case on suspicion of committing a fraud offense. If the perpetrator is caught, he could face up to five years in prison.