Foreign material found in cough syrup

A patient found foreign material in a packet of Ambrobene cough syrup, according to the State Institute for Drug Control (SÚKL). On the other hand, the manufacturer is taking batch W17522A, which has an expiration date of July 2025, out of pharmacies and from patients.

According to SÚKL, the risks to patients are minimal. “It is unlikely that the foreign material was not detected when the syrup was administered and was taken with the batch. At the same time, the glass bottle containing the medicine is fitted with a plastic liner, which reduces the risk of the foreign material getting into the administered dose,” said SÚKL spokeswoman Klára Brunclíková.

According to her, SÚKL has not yet recorded any reported adverse effects that could be related to the foreign material in the syrup. Patients who have a loaded and unopened medicine of a particular batch at home can exchange it for a new one at any pharmacy, preferably the one that sold it.

Ambrobene syrup is used for acute and chronic respiratory diseases associated with difficulty coughing. It is over-the-counter.