Airbnb receives its first fine in Prague for violating building codes

The Prague authorities have fined the first owner of an apartment CZK 20 000 for violating building regulations when providing short-term accommodation to guests through the Airbnb platform. Prague’s housing councilor Hana Marvanová (for STAN) said on Wednesday.

In the opinion of the city management, apartments used in this way must follow the same rules as hotels. The municipality has launched a free legal advisory on the subject and is pushing for legislative changes.

The decision on the fine was issued by the Prague 1 Construction Authority and confirmed by the municipality after a review this August. According to Marvanová, this is an important precedent that has established the legal analyses of the city and the ombudsman’s office. “Fines can be imposed repeatedly and can reach up to half a million crowns,” the councilor said.

“We would like residents or property owners who are suffering from this problem to contact our advice center where they can get specific legal advice for making a complaint to the building authorities,” she said. She added that she had already asked for a meeting with Minister Klára Dostálová (ANO) on the issue in the summer, but it had not yet taken place.

The councilor further said that following the opinion of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the trades department would also start enforcing the obligation for houses with flats provided through platforms to be marked externally.

The capital is pushing a bill in the House that would allow local governments to restrict the provision of apartments through accommodation platforms. The city has already submitted the statement to the House of Assembly, but the current one has not passed it, according to Marvanová.