An officer in a car pursued a reckless driver but ended up in a creek

Policie ČR

A police officer who chased an unruly driver in Strakonice ended up in hospital with moderate injuries on Sunday. The driver was driving his Škoda Yetti at 50 kilometers per hour, over the speed limit by 18 kilometers, but did not respond to the officer’s calls to stop. A chase ensued, during which the police car skidded and went into a stream.

On Sunday, the Václavská pilgrimage was held in Strakonice Na Podsrpu, and police officers stepped up patrols.

“A police officer on the radar recorded the offense after 9 p.m. However, the driver did not respond to calls to stop and drove away furiously in the direction of the village of Modlešovice. In Čejetice, unfortunately, the policeman skidded his vehicle on the wet road while negotiating a right-hand bend, crashed off the road and into a local stream,” Jaromíra Nováková, spokesperson for the Strakonice police, described the crash. She noted that the policeman suffered moderate injuries with an undetermined treatment period. He had to be taken to the hospital.

“The traffic accident of the policeman, although he was performing his official tasks, its course, circumstances, and manner of fault are investigated by the police control bodies as a standard,” Nováková said.

The driver who did not stop in response to the officer’s instructions will probably not be punished. “For deliberate failure to stop on the instruction ‘Stop,’ drivers are given five points in the points assessment. In addition, this serious offense carries the risk of a financial fine and a ban on driving motor vehicles with the administrative authorities,” Nováková added.