Attempted rape on the subway: he pulled up a woman’s dress and started rubbing himself against her

Police are searching for a man suspected of attempting to rape a woman in a Prague subway car. According to detectives, he sexually assaulted her in early September between the Národní třída and Můstek stations.

A fellow passenger kicked her attacker out of the carriage at the next station. If caught and convicted, the man faces up to five years in prison, police spokesman Richard Hrdina said. Police have also posted footage of the suspect on their website.

The incident happened shortly before 1:30 p.m. on Monday, September 6, when the man approached the woman while riding the subway. “He asked her if he could touch her buttocks, saying it was just a bet with his friends. When the woman strictly refused, he pressed on. He then pressed his whole body against the woman, pulling up her dress and rubbing his crotch against her, simulating copulation movements,” police described the assault.

The spokesman added that the woman resisted, but the attacker held her very tightly. She was helped by a female passenger who managed to pull her attacker away.

The suspect, who the police are searching for in this connection, is thin and has short dark hair with bangs above his eyebrows. At the time of the incident, he was wearing dioptric glasses, a yellow sweatshirt, blue pants, and a black backpack on his back.