Hygienists shut down an elementary school in Prague

Since 44 pupils attending the Chmelnice Elementary School in Prague 3 have been infected with covid, the educational institute will be closed from Wednesday until 24 September. The school will switch to distance learning. About a third of the pupils and 13 teachers are in quarantine.

“As much as we tried to keep the school open, the spread of the virus was stronger. More classes were falling into quarantine on Tuesday morning, with PCR-positive pupils being added every hour, and more teachers dropping out,” said the school’s headmaster, Václav Havelka, adding that pupils from classes where quarantine had not been declared were free to move around.

The principal said the school’s closure date could be pushed even further if the disease is confirmed in tests from Monday or Tuesday.

“However, these shifts of days would affect the weekend and the following principal’s holiday on Sept. 27 and the national holiday on Sept. 28,” the principal said.

About 700 pupils attend the school.