August will usher in roller-coaster weather

The weather will frequently change in the first week of August. While temperature records may fall on Thursday, it will cool down for the weekend. Meteorologist Dagmar Honsová told the News.

During the week, hot air from the south-west to the west will start to flow in, significantly increasing air temperatures. On Thursday, the highest afternoon temperatures will peak at 36 °C, and temperature records will fall. The one from Prague’s Klementinum is for August 4, 1986, when 34 °C was measured there.

A cold front will pass through the Czech Republic on Friday; this will encourage thunderstorms and bring a cooler temperature for the weekend.

Rain would be needed, especially in Bohemian Switzerland, where firefighters are battling a large fire. However, meteorologists are not very optimistic in this regard. Only one to five millimeters of rain has fallen there in the last three days, and it will not get better in the next few days. But at least the winds will ease.

On Monday, during the day, we have to count on local showers in places, which may be sporadically even heavier. It will be cloudy with showers and occasional thunderstorms during the day. It is temporarily partly cloudy. Morning temperatures will drop to 16–12 °C. Temperatures will rise to 24 to 28 °C during the day.

Tuesday will be partly cloudy with only isolated showers. Morning temperatures range from 13 to 17 degrees Celsius. Daytime temperatures will remain below the tropical mark, ranging from 25 to 29 °C.

Wednesday will be apparent to partly cloudy. Morning temperatures range from 13 to 17 degrees Celsius. Daytime temperatures will range from 28 to 32 degrees Celsius, with a high of 33 degrees Celsius in St nad Labem.

A warm southwesterly flow will peak on Thursday, bringing highs up to 36°C. Otherwise, it will be apparent to be partly cloudy, with cloudy to cloudy skies in the evening in the west and occasional showers or thunderstorms.

Morning temperatures will stay below the low overnight limit of 19 to 15 °C. Daytime temperatures will rise to a high of 31°C. On Friday, the weather will be under the influence of a cold front. This will again support the formation of thunderstorms.

Friday will be cloudy to overcast with showers, rain, and thunderstorms. In the east of the territory, initially partly cloudy. Morning temperatures are 21 to 17 °C. Daytime temperatures are 29 to 33 °C and 22 to 26 °C in the western half of the territory.

Clouds will decrease rapidly over the weekend, with temperatures remaining around summer levels as cooler air moves in from the northwest.

Saturday will be partly cloudy, with clouds in the east at the beginning of the day, showers, and occasional thunderstorms. Morning temperatures are 13 to 17 °C. Daytime temperatures are 22 to 26 °C.

Partly cloudy on Sunday. Morning temperatures are 11 to 15 °C. Daytime temperatures are 22 to 26 °C.