Babiš: An armed man tried to attack me

Facebook Andrej Babiš

“Yesterday, this guy came here and tried to attack me. He had this knife and this gun, and the police soothed him at the gatehouse. That happens too, ” Babiš said on Thursday, showing a photograph of the items he had laid out, which included a pistol, a knife, handcuffs, and other things.

Police are investigating the incident. “I can confirm that something like this happened yesterday. The security guards arrested a man who had some weapons in his possession. I have no further information on whether they were mock-ups or possibly real weapons, ” police spokesman Ondřej Moravčík said.

Police will provide details on Friday. This is not the first time Prime Minister Babiš has faced threats. At the end of February, he said a man wanted to shoot him and his family. Police then guarded the prime minister’s house. The suspected man was arrested in Spain, and police charged him with extortion.

“The man wrote me a letter of apology,” Babiš said in mid-April. A month later, the man agreed to a two-year suspended sentence with the prosecutor, and the court approved the deal.