A drugged man threatened to shoot the paramedics

Photo: Lucie Kándlová, Právo

The intervention of South Moravian paramedics who rushed to a young man lying unconscious in a ditch in the Tišnov region turned into a drama. This event documents the increasing aggression of people towards paramedics.

When the paramedics tried to examine the young man, he became aggressive and threatened to shoot them. The man was carrying a pistol, and police had to intervene on the spot. The incident happened last week, and police and paramedics reported it on Thursday.

“When we arrived at the spot, we wanted to examine the patient. However, he was obviously under the influence of addictive substances. He started cursing the paramedics and threatened to shoot them. There was a gun lying a short distance away from him. Our crew retreated to safety and called the police to help, and with their assistance, we examined the patient,” Michaela Bothová, spokesperson for the South Moravian paramedics, described.

The police officers intervened quickly and detained the 19-year-old young man. “The man, who was indeed carrying a gas pistol and dropped it while sleeping in the ditch, was subsequently taken to the emergency room. He will now face prosecution for disorderly conduct and threatening behavior, “police spokesman Bohumil Malášek said.

“Fortunately, none of our paramedics were injured during this intervention. However, alarming is that the aggression of the patients we provide care for is steadily increasing. We go out to people to help them if their health or life is threatened. And the vast and sad paradox is that there are situations where our crews find themselves in danger, “commented Bothová

South Moravian rescuers have been under enormous pressure recently. For example, they received a record 779 calls to the emergency line and had to deal with almost 400 events on Monday. 

“The situation is dire; the increase in the number of patients, including those in critical condition, is enormous, and we have reached the limit of our technical capacity to handle it. “Rescuers, operators, doctors are all under the extreme workload and psychological pressure, “Bothová stated.