Babiš started a caravan plastered with slogans and set off for South Moravia

Michaela Říhová

On Monday, ANO chair Andrej Babiš got behind the wheel of his caravan and headed to South Moravia. In his own words, he is running to meet voters and denies that this is part of an election campaign. However, the car is plastered with the movement’s presentation motifs with the slogan “It was better under Babiš.”

Babiš announced last December that he had purchased a caravan for driving around the country. He missed the promised February date, but in mid-May, he will be seen in Břeclav, Znojmo, Brno, and Vyškov.

Voters who would like to see Babiš on Monday at his office in Roudnice nad Labem are out of luck.

“I’ve run it once before, and it’s easy. It’s just longer when reversing. We will go straight along D1,” Babiš said before leaving Průhonice.

Earlier, he said he would consider a practice drive on the autodrome, which he said did not happen.

Babiš, who has long been talked about as one of the contenders for the presidency, has not yet confirmed his candidacy and insists he will announce his decision this autumn.

On Monday, he told reporters that if he decided to run for president, he would have his current travels with the motorhome “in reserve.” “If I happen to decide that contact with voters is important,” he said.

Despite claiming it was not a campaign, Babiš set up an Instagram account alongside the trip’s start. “Here I go,” he wrote in his first post, to a photo of him leaning against a caravan. He then invited his Facebook followers to follow him on a second social network. “It’s going to be a ride,” he promised them.