Babiš Talked to Zeman about a Meeting with the Serbian President and Vaccinations


On Wednesday, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš spoke with President Miloš Zeman about the visit of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučič to the Czech Republic and the vaccination against covid-19. On the contrary, they did not discuss the possible dismissal of the Minister of Health Petr Arenberger. He reiterated that the head of the health department should hand him documents regarding his property by Friday.

Zeman apologized to the Serbian president on Tuesday for the alliance bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999. The Serbian people asked for forgiveness.  “It was certainly not an easy time for him, Miloš Zeman apologized as a citizen. I understand that it was a difficult decision,” Babiš said of the events of 1999. Zeman was the prime minister at the time.  After meeting with Vučič, he stated that he considered it a lack of courage that the Czechia supported the action in Yugoslavia.

Babiš met Vučič on Wednesday.  He then informed that Serbia is ready to donate 100,000 doses of covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer / BioNTech to the Czech Republic.  After talks with the Serbian president, Babiš headed to Prague Castle, where, according to him, the main topic was vaccination. 

Arenberger is to deliver to Babiš materials on his property relations by Friday.  “Of course he is a scholar. I don’t know who advises him, who he has as a tax advisor, he should definitely give him a resignation,” Babiš said.

The media warned last week that after taking office, Arenberger had admitted many times more assets and higher revenues than in previous years at the end of 2020.  Arenberger said that the difference between the tax and property returns was alerted to him by the media and he had already reconciled them.  According to Babiš, Arenberger committed an offense, but he corrected the mistake and must explain the information about his property in detail.