The Court Again Banned the Czech Olympic Committee from Holding Leadership Elections

The elections of the chairman and other members of the WWTP Executive Committee were planned for the 24th of May. Initially, it should be elected in parliamentary form, by secret ballot at the WWTP headquarters in Prague. Šťovíček challenged this, and the court granted him. “We take note of the court’s decision, but we will not comment on it until we have read it in detail,” the Olympic committee said in an official statement.

It was supposed to be the fourth attempt to hold elections on Monday. Last autumn, the WWTP prepared a classical plenum twice, but not once did it take place due to the epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic.

Even before the court verdict, the executive committee of the Czech Sports Union also commented on the upcoming elections of the chairman of the Olympic Committee. “The proposed alternative method of elections is superfluous, non-transparent, undignified, and will be questioned with all the consequences,” said the ČUS management.

“The Czech Olympic Committee is not allowed to hold leadership elections in February. At that time, he complied with the suggestions of Šťovíček and the chairman of the Association of Sports Associations of the Czech Republic, Zdeněk Ertl, who challenged their exclusion from the list of candidates for the executive committee. However, after the WWTP’s appeal, the High Court in Prague declared both preliminary measures illegal in April.

“We announced the election in January in a way approved by 70 of the 79 members of the plenary. The election did not take place due to the destructive actions of some of our members. These actions were considered illegal by the court, so, logically, we complete the election originally as members approved, “said WWTP chairman Jiří Kejval at a meeting with the media on Monday.

In response to the court’s verdict, Neusser said he had long drawn attention to the undemocratic election. “Since the WWTP ignored the suggestions of sports center chairman J. Kejval, the elections were repeatedly canceled by the Prague court, and the next elections would have to be held at a time when the WWTP should be concentrating solely on sending athletes to the Olympics,” Neusser said in a statement.