Beer will continue to get more expensive

After the rise in the price of beer at the beginning of this year, beer consumers must prepare for further price increases. They may, however, be lower than for some other food products, which can increase by more than ten percent. Beer prices will rise gradually throughout the year.

“Beer will become more expensive like other agricultural commodities. However, the increase will not be so significant because beer prices in our country have been rising continuously and will continue to do so this year. We can expect a price increase of the order of one percent, “agrarian analyst Petr Havel said.

His words were also confirmed by Michal Voldřich, president of the Czech-Moravian Association of Microbreweries. “Since other inputs to production are becoming more expensive again after the New Year, we expect that this year the prices of our products will increase. The price increase will be gradual and may take place throughout the year, depending on the situation, “he said.

Pivovary Staropramen is reticent to comment on its future pricing policy. It has made selected bottled beers more expensive since January. “The main reason was a noticeable increase in the prices of some key inputs, especially packaging, raw materials, energy, and logistics costs. On average, the price of selected packaged beers for our trading partners increased by about six percent, “said company spokeswoman Denisa Mylbachrová.

Budvar raised its production prices by 3% in January, while Prazdroj raised prices by the same amount in the autumn. Heineken, which produces brands such as Krušovice, Březňák, Starobrno, and Zlatopramen in the Czech Republic, does not plan to raise prices now.