Castle faces a fine for shredding classified report

Petr Hloušek

The Presidential Office may have committed an offense when shredding documents and could face a fine of up to CZK 200 000. The National Archives are currently dealing with the matter.

The Castle shredded a classified report by the Security Information Service (BIS) concerning the involvement of Russian intelligence in the explosions at the munitions depot in Vrbětice.

The National Security Office (NSA) initiated the investigation and investigated how the presidential office handles, among other things, classified documents. According to the NSA, there may have been an offense under the Archives Act.

The great shredding of hundreds of documents occurred at the end of November last year. Chancellor Vratislav Mynář ordered it. According to the Castle, the BIS report was also shredded by mistake, which was discovered by accident after the police became interested in the document and wanted to find out whether it had fallen into the hands of unauthorized persons without security clearance.

The Castle has repeatedly claimed that everything was done per the law.