Concert for Ukraine on Wenceslas Square

On March 1, Czech Television (CT) will organize a charity concert in Prague’s Wenceslas Square to aid people affected by the Ukraine conflict. The evening will feature performances by the bands Mig 21, Chinaski, and Pražský výběr, Marie Rottrová and Tomáš Klus, and musicians from the Czech Philharmonic. Many more artists are slowly but steadily joining the program.

The proceeds from Tuesday’s concert will go to SOS Ukraine’s People in Need collection. Since 2014, the organization has been providing humanitarian relief to Ukraine. As soon as the situation permits, its teams will focus on meeting the most basic needs of domestic refugees, such as food and shelter.

People in Need are prepared to assist in Ukraine and neighboring countries if a refugee crisis arises.

Viewers can contribute to the collection by texting DMS SOSUKRAJINA 30, DMS SOSUKRAJINA 60, or DMS SOSUKRAJINA 90 to the number 87 777, or by giving to the collecting account 93209320/0300.