Costs are rising: Vodafone does not rule out an increase in the cost of calls and the internet

Operator O2 confirmed this week that it would increase the price of most of its internet and TV tariffs by CZK 50 starting in September. It justifies this by the rising cost of operations. However, depending on further market developments, Vodafone has not ruled out a similar move. T-Mobile has not yet commented on the situation regarding domestic prices.

“However, we are doing everything we can to provide our services as efficiently as possible, which is why we are offering our customers the most favorable prices in the long term. However, suppose the situation, for example, in the energy market, does not level out. In that case, we will have to take it into account in some way in the future,” said Charlota Dědková from Vodafone’s press department.

However, she did not specify which specific services would be affected by the increase. Vodafone is a leading provider of voice, internet, and television services in the Czech Republic.

Prices at O2 will rise from September

“The cost of operating O2 services has been rising significantly in recent months. To be able to continue to provide them at the quality and level to which customers are accustomed, we have had to reflect this increase in the prices of some fixed services,” said O2 spokeswoman Veronika Zachariášová

The price adjustment applies to standalone tariffs and bundled packages of O2 Together services. According to the server, the exception for internet tariffs is the basic tariff “Bronze,” which is the only one that will not become more expensive. The prices of other tariffs will increase by CZK 50.

For TV, prices will remain the same for the Sport Plus package, which should also become cheaper in combination with the internet connection from September. For other program packages, monthly fees will also rise by CZK 50.

The operator informed customers about the price increase in advance. “In case the customer does not agree with the change, he always has the option to cancel the service without penalty or switch to another one that better reflects his needs and possibilities,” Zachariášová said.