Covid App Will Be Ready at the End of June in the Czech Republic

An app will be available on your phone to save your Covid certificates before the end of June. To verify them, the ČTečka application was released on Wednesday for devices with the iOS operating system and today for Android. The National Agency for Information and Communication Technologies informed about it on Twitter.

The certificate can be used to verify that someone is free of Covid-19 infection. It is essential for cultural and sporting activities and for visiting swimming pools or hair salons, and guests should have it with them when dining. People can also present a certificate directly from the vaccination or testing site in addition to the certificate. 

By scanning a QR code from the certificate, an app that has previously been released can validate the infection-free status. The certificate can be printed or downloaded from the Citizen’s Vaccination Portal by people who have had the disease in the last 180 days, were vaccinated at least 22 days ago, or have a negative test. 

The code from the certificate is checked offline, so no data from a cell phone is required. The Ministry of Health, the app’s publisher, stated, “The app does not keep or transfer any of people’s personal or health data.”

In the future, the app will read codes from all EU nations that will have a European digital certificate in place by the beginning of July to make cross-border travel more accessible.