Masks or Respirators On Public Transport? Czech Experts Are Still Debating…

There is no consensus among experts on whether masks can replace respirators in public transportation and buildings. Previously, it was discussed that the adjustment could take effect on July 1. 

“Expert opinion is not clear at this time. I’ve also asked my MeSES colleagues what they think, and it’s approximately half pro and half against. The Ministry of Health’s clinical group is likewise undecided,” underlined Health Minister Adam Vojtěch (ANO). 

The possibility of mutation spreading, according to Vojtěch, is the cause of the specialists’ disagreement. Respirators are more protective, especially in situations with a high population density, such as public transportation. 

“We’ll talk about it more later. We may be more cautious than some would like, but wearing a respirator on public transportation isn’t such a big deal,” underlined the minister.

Respirator use in schools has been phased out in most counties as of June 8. They are not required to be worn in class, but they must be worn throughout the corridors and cafeterias until the end of the school year. 

Masks and other respiratory protection have become icons of the struggle against Covid-19. The public reacted to their debut in mid-March in a variety of ways. The face masks were worn until early July 2020, then returned in September. Respirators have generally supplanted masks since February 2021.