Covid Has Killed 30,000 People In The Czech Republic. The Number Of People Infected Is Declining.

Covid has killed 30,000 people in the Czech Republic. The number of people infected is declining.

The number of COVID-19-related deaths in the Czech Republic has surpassed 30 thousand. Since the outbreak started last year, 30,012 people have died from confirmed infection, although the death toll has been increasing more slowly than normal in recent weeks. On Friday, there were 672 newly confirmed coronavirus cases, down about 400 from the previous week and a dozen more infected people than on Thursday. It is based on information from the Ministry of Health’s website.

The number of coronavirus deaths is decreasing at the same time as the outbreak is subsiding. Up to 20 patients have died every day in recent days, with the figure falling below 50 since April 29 and below 100 since April 11. More than 200 infected people died every day in the first half of March. More than 6,000 people died in March, making it the most horrific month in terms of Covid-related deaths in more than a year of the epidemic. About 2,500 people died in April, with 550 deaths so far in May.

Since early March, when the number of COVID-19 cases reached nearly 17,000, the regular increases have been steadily decreasing. On a weekday, the number of newly infected people dropped below 1,000 on Wednesday of this week. On Wednesday, 777 positive tests were registered, 683 on Thursday, and 672 on Friday.

The number of patients with covid in hospitals has dropped below 1,000 for the first time since late September. The Health Ministry reported 990 people hospitalized with COVID-19 as of Friday, with 171 of them in critical condition.

In the Czech Republic, 50 cases of coronavirus infection per 100,000 people have been recorded in the last seven days.

Since vaccination began late last December, health officials have administered 4,584,418 doses, with over 89,600 doses administered as of Friday evening.