To Save Pubs, Every British Adult Must Drink 60 Litres Of Beer In The Summer

Restaurants were particularly hard hit by the global pandemic, which forced them to close for the majority of the time. According to British economists, each adult Briton will need to consume nearly 60 litres of beer to bring their country’s struggling industry back on track.

Economists value the loss suffered by Britain’s restaurants at £25.66 billion, or almost £760 billion.

Heavy summer drinking, according to financial experts at Company Debt, could be the only way to save restaurants from bankruptcy.

According to the company’s website: “We’ve been considering how to replace the £25.66 billion in revenue lost by restaurants as a result of the lockdown. So we estimated that if each of Britain’s 52 million adults consumed 124 pints of beer over the summer, that would be enough to restore restaurants to pre-bailout condition.”

The British are in for a fun summer.

Of course, those who do not drink beer can be satisfied with roughly the same amount of glasses of wine. In the worst-case situation, it is suggested that one should eat out more often. Simply put, each customer must spend £382 (over 11,000 crowns) more than usual in order for the British to save their pubs.

This calculation is part of a drive to save pubs around the United Kingdom. As a result, Britons, who rank 23rd in the world in terms of per capita beer intake, may have a difficult time making up for the deficit in restaurants this summer.

If a similar calculation were made in Czechia, the Czechs would face an even more difficult challenge. Our beer consumption is the highest in the world, with the average Czech drinking 120 litres more beer than the average Briton.