Covid’s numbers are favorable to cancel mandatory masks

In the Czech Republic, 1,395 new coronavirus cases were confirmed on Sunday. Ondřej Jakob, a spokesman for the health ministry, said this as the actual data did not appear on the website on Monday morning. There are 1,146 patients in hospitals with COVID, with 116 in serious condition.

There were also fewer suspected cases of reinfection in a week-on-week comparison, with laboratories detecting 210 cases on Sunday and over 300 a week earlier. Since early February, when the number of infected people reached more than 57,000 cases per day, the daily additions of infected people have mostly been declining. But interest in testing has also been falling for several weeks.

On Sunday, 132 people were vaccinated against COVID, 112 of whom came in for a booster dose. Interest in vaccination has been declining for a long time. Since vaccination began in December 2020, health officials in the Czech Republic have administered more than 17.5 million vaccine doses. More than 4.1 million people have had the booster dose so far.

Since March 1, 2020, when the first coronavirus cases appeared in the Czech Republic, laboratories have confirmed over 3.86 million cases of infection. So far, nearly 39,900 people have died of coronavirus.

No more masks on public transport

Due to the improving epidemic situation, it will no longer be compulsory to wear respirators on public transport from Thursday. People must continue to cover their airways in health care facilities and social services. Health Minister Vlastimil Válek (TOP 09) would like to abolish this obligation at the end of April or the beginning of May. It will depend on the development of the epidemic.

Over the weekend, the minister advised people to continue wearing respirators in areas with unfamiliar people or in poorly ventilated rooms because of respiratory diseases other than COVID-19.