People can apply for an accommodation allowance for refugees from Ukraine

Jan Handrejch

People who house refugees from Ukraine for free at home or in their spare apartment can apply for a CZK 3000 per person per month allowance to cover the costs. The state will provide a maximum of CZK 12,000 per household per month and pay the support retroactively for March. The condition is that the refugees live with the applicant for at least 16 days in a month.

The government approved the benefit in March. According to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MLSA), people should be able to apply for it from Monday via the application.

The new law introduced the solidarity household allowance on employment and social security for refugees, which came into force in March. According to the law, the unique benefit will be granted to solidarity households that have accommodated refugees. Those housed must have a place to rest, a place for food preparation and personal hygiene, a toilet, and access to drinking water. The government regulates the amount of the benefit and the duration of its payment in a regulation.

According to the documents for the regulation, the benefit of CZK 3 000 with a ceiling of CZK 12 000 should be paid by the end of June. The government would then reassess the amount depending on the situation.

The lodger can also apply for the allowance after the end of the month in question at the regional branches of the labor office. The application must include the identification details of the refugees, the length of their accommodation, the address of the property, and whether they own or use the house or flat under contract. The office will send the money to a Czech bank account or postal order. The contribution is exempt from income tax.