Covid’s traffic lights are going dark. Croatia will now be orange

The Ministry of Health updated the travel traffic lights on Friday. From Monday, Croatia, and Germany, for example, will go dark. Bulgaria or Spain will also move up a notch to red, which means a high risk of infection.

The traffic light recognizes five categories of disease risk. The European countries in the green category, where the risk of contracting covid-19 is low, are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, and the Vatican.

So far, the United States of America, Montenegro, Israel, Kosovo, Lebanon, and North Macedonia have also been classified as green countries. Due to recent unfavorable developments and the worsening epidemic situation, they will move to the category of countries with a very high risk of infection, i.e., dark red, as of Monday 23 August.

Croatia has fallen from green to orange.

The second category (orange), i.e., countries with a medium risk, will include, for example, Croatia, which is very popular with Czech tourists and has dropped a notch. Then there are Luxembourg, Italy, Latvia, Austria, Finland, Malta, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Slovenia, and Portugal’s Madeira.

When arriving from the green and orange countries, you must fill in an arrival form. People who have not been vaccinated against coronavirus or have not had the disease in the past 180 days must have an antigen or PCR test within five days.

Countries at high risk of infection (red) include Andorra, Bulgaria, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Estonia, France, Greece, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, and Portugal, including the Azores.

The penultimate category is the dark red countries, where the risk is very high. Of the EU Member States, Cyprus and the Balearic Islands fall into this category. Then there are non-European countries or, more recently, Israel and the USA.

When returning from red and dark red countries, it is necessary to fill in an arrival form and undergo a test before returning to the Czech Republic. Another test is required in the Czech Republic no earlier than the 5th and no later than the 14th day after return. Self-isolation is necessary until the result is available. Except for the arrival form, the conditions do not apply to vaccinated people or people who have had covid-19 in the past 180 days.