Croatia Now Recognizes Older Vaccinations

Croatia decided some time ago, for reasons that are not very clear, not to recognize coronavirus vaccinations older than 210 days. This could cause inconvenience in the future for some Czechs who were among the first to be vaccinated. According to Foreign Minister Jakub Kulhanek (ČSSD), the country has already extended the validity of the vaccination.

“Good news for our tourists heading to Croatia. Thanks to our initiative, the Croatians have extended the vaccination period from 7 to 9 months after the second dose. Czechs who were among the first to be vaccinated at the beginning of the year will be able to continue traveling to Croatia with a vaccination certificate, ” Kulhánek, the head of Czech diplomacy, tweeted on Friday.

Croatia decided some time ago to only accept vaccinations that are no more than 210 days old. This is an unprecedentedly short period compared to other European countries, according to an earlier statement by ministry spokeswoman Eva Davidová.

Davidová said the ministry was negotiating with the Croatian side to extend the deadline. Otherwise, it could limit the number of Czech citizens who were among the first to be vaccinated, such as medical staff. Their vaccinations might not be recognized in Croatia in September.