Cultural Events: All You Need to Know

The summer is here! Are you looking forward to various cultural events, outdoor concerts, theater plays and sporting events? Even during such festivities, however, hygiene precautions must be observed. The requirement to wear a mask and the prohibition on drinking and eating in the theater are some of the various precautions in place.

The issue is determining what defines an auditorium. The government law is quite ambiguous in this description, making it difficult to apply to events that do not take place inside. According to the organizer of the Czech Castles festival, most outdoor events lack an auditorium. 

According to the Ministry of Culture’s press department, auditoriums are primarily concerned in the case of cinemas and theatres.

Up to 500 people can attend festivals and fairs. 

According to current legislation, events are limited to a maximum of 500 participants. Moreover, these individuals are not required to have reserved seats, which is a requirement for cultural events. 

At large gatherings, other hygiene precautions are still in effect. Wearing a mask and social distancing are required. You must also present a negative test, or a vaccination document.

The number of people who can come is also limited. Concerts can hold up to 2,000 people, whereas social or traditional events like pilgrimages can only hold 500 people. They must sit still in the first situation, but they are free to stand in the second. Sitting on blankets is also permitted, although a 1.2-meter distance must be maintained.