Prymula: There Should Be Strict Sanctions For Bypassing Tests After Returning From Abroad

According to vaccinologist and epidemiologist Roman Prymula, avoiding coronavirus testing after returning from overseas might cause severe issues and should be punished severely. 

The most significant danger is introducing a potentially more aggressive mutation, which the Czech Republic has managed to keep under control so far. 

After returning from Tunisia, roughly 140 Czech visitors were forced to wait for hours at Prague airport. Their test credentials, which they had imported from Africa, did not go down well with the police. Some of the passengers later revealed that they had not been tested, but a Czech doctor in another country nevertheless gave them a certificate. Experts say that attempts to circumvent the restrictions are a significant source of concern.

From July, incoming Health Minister Adam Vojtěch (ANO) wants to remove respirators from public transportation and reintroduce surgical drapes. Children have recently begun to leave their respirators at home during class. Prymula sees the logic of such a strategy. 

Although there is a significant variation in viral particle capture between face masks and respirators, an essential issue is the fit of the respiratory protection on the face. 

Similarly, he applauds the dramatic reduction in corporate testing, particularly given the low number of affected people. According to him, the procedure is effective, with a third of cases caught so far.