Cybercriminals are targeting iPhone owners in the Czech Republic

Jason Lee, Reuters

iPhone owners in the Czech Republic have been targeted by a new phishing attack campaign in the previous days. The scammers are sending SMS messages from Czech phone numbers asking users to update their Apple ID credentials. Security experts at cybersecurity company Eset have warned iPhone users about the scam.

Thousands of devices in the country have been targeted, according to Eset analysts. “SMS messages sent to users in the Czech Republic include a warning that their mobile phone has been locked for security reasons and that the password needs to be reset,” said Jiří Kropáč, a security analyst at Eset.

“Through the attached link, which looks like a legitimate address, the user is taken to a phishing site that imitates the real one. The attackers use effective techniques, in this case, appealing to fear and the urgency of the situation. Their technique is to create for the user the impression that the threat is real. If a user enters his login details, there is a significant risk of being stolen. As a result, they may lose their private data and other files such as photos, e-mail, cloud storage, and more,” Kropáč warned.

“If the user has already entered data or is unsure if he has done so in the past, it is recommended to contact Apple’s support website directly. As a precaution for the situation, users should set up two-factor login protection on their phones, “the security expert concluded.