Cyclists could speed up to 30 km/h, an expert suggests

As the European trend, most recently introduced in Paris, commands, large cities across the board limit the maximum speed to 30 km/h. This is a solution for Prague in certain areas, agreed Vratislav Filler, representative of the AutoMat association, and Adam Scheinherr, Prague’s deputy mayor for transport.

“A 30 km/h zone makes sense in residential districts and alleys. It will bring less noise and more safety. The advantage for cyclists is that they can then ride in the opposite direction. Something like that hasn’t been introduced here yet, but it’s not dangerous, ” Filler said. 

He based his claim on data from Brussels, where he said they recorded more accidents in places where cyclists and cars ride in the same direction.

Also, Scheinherr said a reduced speed limit in certain areas would have its benefits. “For example, concerning parking, traffic flow or child safety. “Drivers don’t drive faster on smaller and narrower roads anyway, ” the deputy argued.

According to Filler, the road has its highest capacity when the speed limit is between 30 and 40 km/h. He said the reduced maximum speed also ensures traffic flow at crosswalks without signals. But if there is a traffic jam, nothing helps.