Excessive amounts of pesticides were found in Swagat’s basmati rice

Swagat rice contains ten times more pesticides than the standard allows. The Food Inspection Authority discovered the defective product in the Prague store Boussad Amis. There are 1.1 tonnes of it on the Czech market.

The State Agricultural and Food Inspectorate (SZPI) discovered basmati rice of the Swagat brand originating from India on the market contained ten times more pesticides than the law allows. SZPI informed about it in a press release.

“Laboratory analysis in the accredited laboratory of SZPI confirmed the presence of pesticides tricyclazole in the amount of 0.12 milligrams per kilogram and thiamethoxam in the amount of 0.027 milligrams per kilogram in the food. The legislation sets the maximum acceptable amount for both substances at 0.01 milligrams per kilogram, ” said SZPI spokesman Pavel Kopřiva.

The importer of the rice, sold in one-kilogram and five-kilogram packages, is Swagat. Inspectors took the rice from the Boussad Amis store on Spálená Street in Prague. The inspectorate initiated administrative proceedings against the shop operator for a fine.